Friday, March 13, 2015

Baby quilts

One of my friends is a prolific baby quilt maker.  I told her she should go into business for herself ... She can whip one out in several hours!  I have the honor of quilting them.  Here is one of her latest ...
This is a quilt for her niece's baby and she always loves tight quilting.  I think her vision for this quilt was for it to look really antiquey (my own word, perhaps?) ... It does look that way and she was very pleased with the way it came out.
This is such a beautiful line of fabric .. I don't know if you can tell, but some of the fabrics like the lavender one, have lines running through them so they look like linen!
The aqua one is not part of the line, but it really goes well and gives the quilt a little pop of color.
I love this gray and white print ... I did my loop design trying to get it as small and tight as possible ... That is always a challenge for me .. To go small.
See how the outside edge has a half of a hexie?  She had to make a whole block and cut it in half!!!  Isn't that criminal?  There was not a way to make half a block ...
I did not have the right color Omni thread, so I used Permacore in top and bobbin.  It is a 40 weight, 100 percent cotton.  I usually don't like to use that thick of a thread in the bobbin because it doesn't go that far, but I was pleasantly surprised.  Two bobbins per row ... Not bad at all.
And look who is not a baby anymore ... She is a 2 year old!
She sure looks happy about it!!!

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