Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Today I had coffee with a good friend ... My favorite local ...
It's not that I have to have Starbuck's coffee ... I love Peet's, Coffee Bean and would always support a local, private owned shop!  This Starbuck's has great memories for me ... My friends and I have been coming here for about 15 years!!  We have spent many hours hashing out our lives ... Announced pregnancies ... Marriages ... Divorces ... College acceptances.  Through tears and lots of laughter ... surviving 2 store remodels (none of which we like, but they didn't ask our opinion!), and made many new friends that we see whenever we walk through the doors ... Known to us privately as the living room group.  Most importantly though, my neighborhood coffee shop is close and a place where I keep my sanity, see my friends, don't apologize for the tears, or the raucous laughter some days ... I sure LOVE my girlfriends and can't imagine where we would hang if it wasn't our local coffee place ... It is our version of Cheers!!  I love my girls!!!

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