Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Finally ... Let's talk quilting!

I finished another quilt... Yea!!  I had to because I was teaching the technique last week!  Snuck it right in under the wire ... I love this fabric!
You will recall I got the blocks done some time ago ... It was just waiting for borders.  Can I share a deep, dark quilting secret?  I HATE putting borders on ...it takes so long to add them the "proper" way ... I preach it and I know it is the right way, but it takes so long!
Ok ... First step is cutting the border strip; then I measure the length of the quilt through the center of the quilt; then lay my cut, squared off strip out, with my measuring tape on top, and cut it to the measurement.  Then I fold the strip in half and mark the center; fold the quilt in half and mark that center; pin centers together, pin strip at ends, and then ease in the fullness where needed. 
Sew ... Then repeat the same process for the top and bottom borders!  Times three  different borders ... Sheesh!!  It takes a lot of time, but like most things in life ...
The outcome is worth the effort!!  Oh yeah .. Mark that as another finish!!  Now to add it to the stack that needs to be quilted ... Hahaha ..

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Prairie Patch Quilts said...

Border goes great with your quilt top design. Congratulations on the finished quilt top.