Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Quiltalong ... Coming along

Well I have finally finished my 1,089 2 1/2" square blocks that I need for my king size APQ Quiltalong quilt.
I used two charm packs in with all my other fabrics, and when I was subcutting my segments after the 1 1/2" strips had been sewn together, they slipped here and there.  So I had to trim many of the blocks just a wee bit.  When your blocks are finishing this small, it is even more imperative to keep your measurements just so. Is it taking a lot of time ... Yes.  But it would be much more frustrating to start assembling this and have it not go together properly.
Just a few of my four patches, but I really need to start sewing them into blocks of nine so I can feel like I am making some progress.
Chaining ... Now to trim apart and press. Do you chain?  A lot of people don't, but I swear by how much time I save.  You do have to be careful when you're stacking and sewing so the squares don't get out of order.  I usually have at least a couple times where I have to stop and figure out where I went wrong!  Haha
Oh {{sigh}} ... This block is measuring a mere 6 1/2" square and with all these intersections and seams, when I pressed the seams to one side, it was just too bulky and I did not like how it was laying. So I am pressing my seams open ... I really hate how much time it takes, but the result is so worth it.  It just does not make sense to spend so much time assembling these blocks, only to take shortcuts to finish.  I really want a beautiful finished project, wouldn't you?
Chaining my nine patches along on my little Singer.  I sew at my friend's house on Monday's and I really love this little machine!  Enough of a break for me now, back to my nine patches!!

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