Saturday, April 18, 2015

Blood sweat and finjshed!

Remember when I cut my fingertip off last year?  The quilt I was working on at the time was a real challenge .. Metro Hoops by Sew Kind of Wonderful.

Everyone was jumping on the curved ruler bandwagon ... Have you checked out Pinterest?  Beautiful quilts ... There are lots of patterns using this ruler.  

You start with three different sections ...
After you see them together you get this.

You sew a couple setting triangles on and then is where the fun begins ...
Trying to square the block up. Most of the pattern is pretty straight forward, but when you are trying to square the block up, that part of the instructions leave a lot to be desired.  I know it's not just me because three other friends were making different quilts with the same ruler and expressed the same frustrstion.  I powered on and just tried to be consistent.  The results weren't perfect, but I got a great finished product, and I don't think most people would notice what I am talking about.

I was at a retreat for a few days last week (same place I cut my finger last year), and I was saving my quilt to finish then.  I did!! I love it ...
I wanted to make more rows to make it bigger, but I just couldn't bear to make any more!  I added 3 borders .. On my trusty little Singer 99 ... My Bernina needs to go to the doctor as it is making a great clackity clack sound that I'm certain is not good for it.  I just love this little machine ... It is heavy as the dickens, but it is so sturdy and sews great!
It makes it about 78" x 93".  Not big enough for my king really, but I will figure it out and make it work!!
I always make my binding when I finish my quilt top.  Then it's done, I don't have to find the fabric later, and it looks so cute sitting and waiting to finish the quilt.  I wound mine around an old So Fine spool of thread.  So glad to have that one done ... One of my favorites!!  It reminds me of a wedding ring quilt.


Diane E W said...

This quilt was making it's way up my bucket list. Might have to think about it longer. Never pieced curves so may be too much for me. Was sewing the curves difficult or just the squaring up?

jayne said...

Impressed! Very productive get away time :) Can't wait to see it!