Sunday, April 5, 2015

Week in review ...

 Whew ... I am just scattered and can't seem to find a place to start!  I think I'll just recap my week.

I did some sewing on Monday ... It is always the high point of my week when I can sit, regroup and sew.

APQ Quiltalong ... all those four patches ... When I put them together, I was not happy at how lumpy I thought the nine patches were.  So I am going back through all the patches and taking a snip where needed, and opening the seams up.  It is taking a ridiculous amount of time, but the end product is worth it.  This project is looking like it is going to take a loooonnnnngggg time.
Stack of 80 nine patches ... About half of what I need.
Now to do the reverse nine patch .. 80 of those coming up!!  I think I need a little more, but I can't find the magazines with the instructions.

It was Easter week and the Easter bunny needs a little help, right?  First up of course, my granddaughter!

She likes curly ribbon!
I had a lot of fun ... Boxed it all up to her and can just imagine her delight Easter morning.

Ok, now the rest ...

A package to my son and his girlfriend, two sets of nephews, and my dad and stepmom.  Oh my gosh ... 3 of those packages cost more to mail than what was in them!  Haha!!!

My husband was home last week and will be this next week too ... It is always a balancing act when he is home.  
He's getting some reading done ... And look who is at his feet!  Todd!!!!  Todd doesn't know that hubby doesn't like him ... Todd loves everyone!

Pulled out some Easter decorations before the holiday is over ... 
Decorated the eggs with my sweet college daughter ...
Ta da!!!!
Now we'll just wait for the Easter bunny to finish up!


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I didn't join in on the APQ 4 patch quilt along, but I sure do enjoy seeing what other people are making. Yours is going to be beautiful!!

colleencl said...

Hi Amy -- thank you! It has been fun. Taking much longer than I thought because I am doing the king size version. It will be done by summer I hope!! ;-)