Sunday, August 21, 2011

A few too many things

Do you ever do this?  You have so much to do that you ... do something else!  I had three small quilts to quilt this weekend for a class that we have at the store on Monday.  I have to have my friends' quilts finished so we can learn to create a scallop border.  So what am I doing last night?  Making chocolate chip cookies, and creating this blog!  Ha, ha ... I swear though that is how I get stuff done.  It drives my husband crazy!  I've always been like this though.  I think I work best under pressure!

So I finished the quilts.  Two of the quilts are the same size, and one is a smaller version.  They are all three the same quilt pattern, so I wanted to do something different in all of them.  I describe myself as a simple quilter.  What I mean by this is I like the quilting to compliment the quilt, not overwhelm it.  I want to see the quilt first, and the quilting second.  It is amazing how different a quilt can look depending on what stitching you do on the top.  I feel a pressure when I'm quilting for others.  I want that person to love what I do to their quilt, but most of the people I know say "just do whatever."  What if my whatever isn't what their whatever is?  The other problem is that I tend to try and be perfect and that is not a good reality to live in ... there is no perfect!  I know the day will come when a customer doesn't like what I quilt for them; it's just bound to happen.  I do hope they let me know so that I can remedy the situation and know what they like and don't like.  I think that's important.  So here's the quilts I did ... the tablerunner ... the all-over free motion pattern is on the left, and the pantograph is on the right.

What do you think?  Do you quilt for others?  What kind of quilting do you like?  I always love to know what people decide to quilt on a quilt.  What I finally realized ... there is not one perfect design ... there are probably at least 100 that would look great!  Life is too short ... let's eat cookies!


jayne said...

I love my results - thanks Colleen :)

Alicia said...

Cool quilt. Even cooler cookies! i love to bake but I don't because neither one of us really benefit from cookies & we eat 'em all ! keep up the good work.

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