Saturday, August 27, 2011

A grateful heart

What a wonderful day today was.  Our store's "Sew for the Cure" sale raised $11,000!  This year we did something a little different.  Our friend JoAnn that we work with, her daughter has been battling cancer.  She had melanoma a few years ago, and last year had some tumors appear.   Megan went through some chemo treatments that weren't working, and then they started her on an experimental chemo that did work.  A new scan showed that some of the tumors had some new growth, so she needs to start chemo again.  Because the drug is not experimental anymore, the cost to her is astronomical.  So this year all of our proceeds went to Megan.  When everyone found out it was JoAnn's daugther, they gave additional money, or just wrote checks without even buying anything.  There were tears around all day ... but what a wonderful day it was!

Here are the quilts and goodies that were in the front yard to sell.  You can see that people line up early to get first pick.

The first in line, waiting at the gate for it to be 10:00 a.m.!
Here are the quilts, etc. in the backyard.  They are all things that customers have made, and they lend them to us for the day so we can inspire others!

Look at how beautiful this lady's stitching is ...

These were a couple of my favorites ... the applique was just beautiful!

What a wonderful, heartwarming day ... all of these ladies I work with, and the store we work at, the ladies that work on this all year ... we are so blessed.  Quilters are amazing people!


Angie said...

What a wonderful benefit sale. So good to know you were able to raise that much money for a good cause. The items I could see were great! And the other quilts for display---Awesome!!! I also like the "tags" that were attached. Cute!

Shary said...

I loved seeing all of the gorgeous quilts. My favorite was the one with the chickens. They were all so beautiful, though.

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