Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My little friends

I am seldom alone when I'm at home.  No, my kids aren't little ... I have a son who is 21, and a daughter, who is 17.  They periodically will come visit with me when I'm sewing; they'll pull a chair up and sit down and chat for a little bit.  My husband steers clear of the room, and usually stays downstairs and just hollers up when he wants something.  He doesn't understand what goes on in that sewing room.  Like I said yesterday, the room is pretty small, and I can usually be assured that I'm not alone in there ... if I look, Charlie is usually wedged in between a wall and a small space.  Charlie is my 70 pound rottweiler/labrador mix ... he is my baby, and my kids will tell you that I love him more than them.  It's not true ... but what can I say, Charlie doesn't talk back!  He is also always so happy to see me, and he can always be found wherever I am.  It's a pretty cool thing actually, and one of the reasons I love him so much.  But today was so hot (we don't have air conditioning in most of the house), that he was laying outside the sewing room door.
Our daughter got a puppy last year, she is usually found not too far behind Charlie.  But Sophie doesn't quite understand why Charlie would be upstairs where it's hot, when it's a lot cooler downstairs.  She doesn't have that need to be right near me.  She isn't really my dog, but we do spend a lot of time together, and I must admit, I sure love her too ... she is a crackup.  She loves to comes into my sewing room and find some tiny piece of fabric or something on the floor.  She then grabs it up quick, makes sure I'm looking, and runs as fast as she can the other way!  But where was Sophie today? ...

Well she's no dummy ... she decided to take a nap since it was so hot.  That way she could conserve her energy for later!
I did get some sewing done today at least.  Remember that cute fabric from yesterday ... here's a sneak peak at the halloween square quilt.  What do you think?  I am liking it!  I hope to be finished with it tomorrow and get it on the long arm.


Quiltdolls said...

love your blog.....

maybe i will see you saturday...

love kim

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