Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday ... whew ... pooped!

Wow, I am just done today!  Finished the binding on my little tablerunner and went into the store today to help with a little more setup.  I didn't start my day off too well ... my cell phone fell into my huge cup of coffee ... knocked it all over the floor.  Phone is currently drying out in a bucket of rice ... it's supposed to help dry it out.  Then I was at the store and trying to leave and I lost my car keys!  Finally after about 15 minutes of looking, I found them in the pocket of my purse in a spot where I don't normally put them!  Ahhh .... and the show is tomorrow and I am already pooped!  Ah well ... it will all be fine.   Can't wait to show you pictures tomorrow ... here's a peek at the mystery quilt I'm teaching in the next couple of months.  Of course I can't show you the whole quilt because it's a mystery!
Have a great Friday night ... yahoo!!