Saturday, August 20, 2011

My first post!

Hi and welcome to my first post!  I'm so excited to finally be starting a blog.  I wanted to do this for a little while, but didn't know how.  Well, I just decided to jump right in!  I wanted a way to share what I do ... I love looking at other people's blogs and seeing what quilts they're working on, and the machine quilting they have done.   So let me just jump right in!  I work in a quilt store one day a week and we have a yearly event called "Sew for the Cure."  People donate quilts, dolls and other quilting related items to be sold.  The items are purchased and the proceeds go towards supporting cancer research.  In the past we have donated the money to the Susan Komen Foundation.  There is a group of awesome women that work on a lot of these quilts one day a week at the store.  They are really responsible for the success of this venture!  I donate my longarm quilting services, and am really happy to be a part of this!  It is a good way for me to get practice on my new Innova 26" quilting machine.  I have had the machine since the end of June; prior to that, I was working on a Juki on a Grace frame since February 2010.  So you see I am relatively new to this whole longarm quilting world, but I just love it!  Here's some pictures of a couple quilts I've been working on -- thanks for taking a peek!