Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mystery Quilt

Last Friday night I taught a mystery quilt class.  This year the Country Loft did a Summer Nights class -- for the summer on most Friday nights, we had evening classes ... those Friday night classes are so fun because not only do you get to get together and sew, but dinner is provided ... yahoo!  I taught a Mystery Class last year and I taught someone else's pattern.  This year I wanted to do a mystery class, but teach my own pattern ... after a lot of hemming, hawing (procrastinating!!!!), and some help from a friend, I came up with this awesome quilt ...
Don't  you love it?!!  This is how it came to be ... months ago I was going to teach a beginning quilt class with the design of a sampler quilt.  I wanted a quilt with big blocks that would go together fairly quickly.  Large block quilts are great for beginners because the large pieces are more forgiving than smaller pieces.  I had a lot of the Hometown fabric that came out last year ... I started putting together blocks and had about three or four done.  I got stumped ... something wasn't right ... I loved the fabric, but it just wasn't meshing.  When I decided to do a mystery class I kicked a couple of ideas around and thought ... hey, I have these blocks that I haven't done anything with, how about these?  Well I needed some help ... so I took them to a good friend and she very quickly got me on the right track! 

The result I love ... it looks like there is a little frame around everything in the above picture because my son was holding the quilt and the sun is shining through the back of it.  What you see is just the seam allowances.  I barely got it finished just in time for the class (shh ... don't tell anyone!) ...what fun we had!  I think there were 7 ladies and they all made their quilts out of different fabrics.  It was so fun to see how different they all looked!  I was so busy sewing that I was struggling with what to make for dinner for everyone that night ... well one of my other good friends came through ...
What you can't see under all that aluminum foil is some of the best chicken enchiladas a white woman can make!  They were delicious and lucky for me, a whole large pan was left so I have been having leftovers all week ... yummy!  Her secret ingredient?????  Trader Joe's enchilada sauce ... it is seriously delicious!

Everyone was so excited when they left that evening to finish their quilt.  I was really excited for them ... one of the gals came into the Loft yesterday and had her top totally completed!
Look at Tamara's quilt!  I can't believe she got it done already ... she was so excited that she had most of it done when I saw her again on Saturday at the store.  She used some funky 50's type fabrics ... it's kind of hard to see it in the picture ... I love the contrast of some of her fabrics and she did a great job of putting several different styles of fabric together.  She is a pretty new quilter ... can you believe it?!  Now I have to get busy and plan the next Mystery Quilt class ... if I start on it now, I might have it done by next summer!!

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jayne said...

From feedback it was not only a fun quilt but a great time by all! It's fun to see what quilters select for fabric, Just different fabric changes the look and style!