Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer quilting

I love summer ... I love the freedom from schedules, from school, from life.  I always think I am going to get so much done over the summer because we have no schedules to keep in my house.  What I forget is that all four people in my house are home over the summer ... my husband works for the school district and so he is out over summer.  What does this mean to me ... I have lots of people around wanting to do lots of things and that does not include listening to me say "I can't, I have to quilt!"  So please accept my apologies for being gone so long from posting.

I did a quilt last week for a lady ... it was an embroidered sampler quilt and I decided to resist the urge to do it simply, and challenge myself.

 The customer did not want quilting over the embroidery ... that is always a dilemma because any outlining you do around the block or the design is going to cause what is in the center to pop up.  So I just did a little squiggle around the outside of the embroidery block.

The small frame around the embroidered block got some horizontal squiggle lines, then the outside frame got some big loopy "l's".  The outside border just had a loopy swirl.
I think the quilting really made the blocks pop, and I hope my customer liked the effect.  Especially when I go outside of what I usually do, there is always the question of whether your customer will like what you did.  I've said this before ... when a customer says "whatever you want to do is fine," their idea of whatever and my idea of whatever could be two different things.  In the end I just remind myself that if they weren't confident in my abilities, they would never say whatever you want.  And if they're confident in my abilities, then I sure better be!  Ha, ha ....  Always reminding myself that I am doing this because I love it and it's enjoyable ... so lighten up woman!!!

Enjoy your lazy days of summer!!


Quilted Squid said...

Oh did a fabulous job on the embroidery quilt! I love the squiggly lines, I can see all the great texture from here. Your customer is going to LOVE it!

Angie said...

You made it even more wonderful! Beautiful quilting!