Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What Do You Like to Read?

While I was gone on vacation I didn't do too much playing around on my computer.  I loved the freedom of not feeling connected ... just the forced taking a break from everything in life.  I am a lucky woman ... my husband loves to travel and it has always been a huge part of our lives.  I don't know how people decompress if you don't get away on vacation ... it is necessary to escape everything and recharge those batteries!

Here is a picture of a church on the island of Mykonos.  The colors of that city are pretty much white and blue.  It is stunning and fresh, and light ... and it made me want to lighten the look of my house.
This is the hotel that we stayed at in Mykonos.  It was run by a nice couple and they certainly made us feel extremely comfortable and welcome ... something I noticed about that island was how incredibly friendly everyone was.  So I read magazines, books and did a lot of crossword puzzles on my Nook while we were gone.  I didn't take any sewing (I usually do), but the crosswork puzzle thing was fun because I got the rest of my family involved in it ... my 22 year old son especially caught the bug and it was fun to pass time doing puzzles with him.

These are windmills on the beach in Mykonos.  Everyone gathers at sunset in front of the windmills to see the sun go down over the beautiful Meditteranean sea.  The sea is so salty ... when you jump in it is effortless to just bob in the water ... I didn't go in the sea (I'm not really a ocean person), but my family all did.  When we were having lunch after a dip in the sea, my daughter's eyebrows were full of salt ... I had to brush it out for her!  Amazing!

This is a part of Mykonos called Little Venice ... around the corner where you can't see is a very happening area that lines the water where there is bar and nightclub after nightclub.  There is no railing along the sea and when you're walking along and so close to the edge, it made me wonder how many people take a tumble into the water nightly after a night in the bars!

Just some beautiful pictures ... just seeing them makes me relax!  I hope this summer you take the time to find relaxation ... whether that's a vacation, reading a good book, or just escaping to a quiet spot somewhere in your mind.

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jayne said...

Think a trip to Mykonnos is now on my bucket list!!!!