Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Clue 2 - Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt

Having such fun with Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt!  I didn't think I would
have enough time this Christmas season to do the baking, shopping, wrapping and seeing, so I just decided to throw one more thing in there!  Seriously ... This is so much fun!  There is a Facebook group, Quiltville's Open Studio ... The group is fun and supportive.

Was dreading this clue two when I saw it,
But it has actually been quite fun and I've enjoyed the block more than clue 1.  Maybe because I have never made a double diamond block before and there is a definite challenge here!

Version 1
Version 2
Version 3
Version 4
And here they all are together ...
Many more to go, but proud of my start!  It is about the journey, not the finish, and I am really enjoying myself.  The first few blocks I was not happy with my joins, but it's gotten better and only one was really bad enough to rip out.  Now that's a great day!!!

Check out Bonnie's blog to see everyone's progress!  http://quiltville.blogspot.com/2014/12/mystery-monday-link-up-part-2.html. Linking up myself!  See you there!

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Vireya said...

It looks great in those reproduction fabrics!