Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Stash Report - Week 50

Ok ... Getting down to the wire here.  I have been sewing like mad the last few days.  I have to get presents in the mail, and my longarm quilter is a little behind!!  Haha ... I am just running out of hours!  I literally sewed today from 10 to 6.  Fed the dogs and went out to dinner with my hubby and son and his girlfriend, then did some Christmas shopping.  Came home at 930; finished longarming the quilt that has been on my frame for a few days, trimmed it, and immediately sat down at my machine to sew a back for a quilt.  Pinned it on and I am done at midnight!  I don't even want to imagine how my back will feel tomorrow!  Haha.. Here's a peek at it ...
This is not the one on my frame, this is the one I finished sewing today.  I'll have pics tomorrow of the one on my frame.  Here are my totals for the week:

Used this Week: 15.5 yards
Used year to Date: 153 finished yards
Added this Week:  6.25 yards
Added Year to Date: 80 yards
Net Used for 2014: 73 yards

I covered the dog's bed with fabric, finished up a quilt and made another quilt.  Also did a little on the mystery quilt, but most of those totals were in last week.  The fabric I added this week was fabric I bought to make my dad's quilt and to put borders on my sister's quilt. Came in and went right back out!  Good for me.  The only thing I didn't use was a 1/3 piece that I decided was a little overpowering for the quilt.  Next week's totals should be great on using fabric.  I have a back and binding still to make for my dad's quilt ... I was trying for a lap size.  It came out about 74 x 84 ... It's big enough to fit on my daughter's double bed!  Think I need to rethink my definition of "lap!"

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