Saturday, December 27, 2014

Working Hard

How was your Christmas? Mine was wonderful!  I spent Mon., Tues., and Wed. on the couch, but I was determined to go to mass Christmas Eve.  I made it ... and it felt wonderful to rejoice, sing, pray and be thankful!  

I had been wondering why I was able to stay up until 1:00 sewing and then wake at 7 ... I should have known it would catch up with me ... That's ok.  Most everything was done .., I did have some presents to wrap, but I did that Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.  Both the kids ran errands for me on Christmas Eve, and what didn't get done, didn't!  And I realized I was just fine not having a Norman Rockwelll Christmas!  The cards can be mailed next week as I am happy if they are done by New Year's.

Yesterday I was so happy to feel better and decided I was spending the day sewing!  I needed to get back to my Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt.  So after s whole day of sewing, I finished up clue 1 ... 100 broken dish blocks
Plus a few extra just in case, and 80 half square triangle units to be used in another clue.
More sewing ... Wa la ... 100 double diamond units finished!  Most were done, I think I made 20 pair yesterday.
Been sewing like a crazy woman again today and I am well into clue 3 ... 120  Two by Four units ...
The strip set on the left is correct, the one on the right is backwards!  Lucky for me my quilt angels were watching over me and I only made a few backwards blocks before I decided to check and make sure it was right!

Here's what all my strips looked like before I subcut them 
I was so excited ... Sewing all morning and then I counted ... I had 23 ... What??!!  I need 120!  Better stop blogging and keep sewing ... Besides gotta get into my stash and use as much as possible before my last stash report on Monday!

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Beatrice said...

Hello, I love your choice of colours! Will come back and check on your progress.