Monday, December 1, 2014

It's Beginning to Look a Little ....

... like Christmas around here!!  Usually it takes me a week or so to start decorating after Thanksgiving, but since Christmas is only 4 weeks after turkey day, I thought I should get started!  

I began my day with a little dusting ... The living room has large surfaces and every day we get a layer of dust ... San Diego is a beautiful place to live, but lots of dust!  Multitasking ... Watching the Today show while I dusted.
Then off to my treadmill ... It hasn't been used since I've been back from Michigan.  More multitasking ... Walked while reading Facebook!
Alright, now a little Christmas ... Bought some great sheets for my bed and my sweet daughter's as well ... I decided I needed Christmas sheets and they were on sale at Target for 16.99 on Black Friday ... That was the best deal I found all day ... For king size sheets ... Wow!
First the sheets had to be washed and dried ... Look how cute they are with the pillows I made from my leftover black, grey and red quilt from a couple months ago?  So happy!
Here is sweet daughter's room all ready for her return in two weeks from college. Took her regular quilt off and put this antique quilt on that I received as a gift years ago from a friend ... So cute!  I covered her headboard with the back of a quilt ... It needs to be repainted, and I think I might be onto something with using a quilt!

Finished a quilt on the longarm that I can't show you.  I want the customer to see it first!  Then I made two Christmas pillows .. I will post a tutorial on a different post ... Cute, huh?
Sewed some broken dish blocks for a Challenge I am doing ...
Cooked dinner and before the day was over, actually grabbed the advent calendars out of the attic ... It is unheard of for me to have advent calendars out on December 1 ...
This isn't the best picture, but I made this  20 years ago when my son was 4!!!  It has pockets and the same trinkets come out of them year after year ... I love it!  I'll show you the rest of them tomorrow!

I am pooped!!  Better rest ... I'll burn myself out fast at this pace!  Haha

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jayne said...

Love the pillows :)