Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Longarm progress

Here is more longarm quilting I did before I left.  The first quilt was a redo of quilting ... My customer had a quilt that had been quilted and she never liked the design nor the thread.  She ripped all the quilting out and gave the quilt to me.  The only thing I had to do was sew a top and bottom leader onto her quilt so I had something to pin onto my frame.
You'll see the fabric I used was an old Halloween print!  Haha ... I simply outlined the stars and just did a swirl over the entire quilt.  I could have sewn on side leaders, but I just chose to hold onto the side of the quilt to stabilize when I was along the very edge.
I think many longarm quilters would shy away from this project because the quilt has been previously sandwiched together.  I don't mind it at all ... In fact it cut out a step or two for me because I didn't have to pin the separated quilt top to the top leader.  The quilt rolled up great on my Innova.  I have done several quilts that have already been spray basted and just pinned them on and quilted as usual.  No problems with any puckering or gumming up my needle from the spray.
I used an Omni thread in top and bobbin.  

The next quilt I did was the one for my daughter's bed ... I think I finished piecing this in feb or March and decided it needed to get quilted and on her bed before it was time for her to leave again for school!  Since she had to move rooms, I'm trying to redo her room and make it super cute.  Here's what I have so far
You can see the quilt on her bed.  The only thing I have left to do is make her some pillow shams.  I ordered the fabric and it is waiting for me at home.
So excited to get it done!  Oh and the frame and headboard need to be painted as the lime green no longer goes.

Here's the quilt I quilted 
I love using a stipple ... It is such a simple pattern, doesn't interfere with a busy quilt, and i can crank it out quickly.  I used an Omni thread on top and a Magna Glide prewound in the bobbin.  Am really loving that combination.
And before I leave you, here is a picture from last night's thunder storm ... We were staying outside of Denver, and it was really quite fantastic.  Especially for us Southern California folk that don't see storms very often.

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