Monday, June 23, 2014

Traveling tales

Today we drove from Yellowstone to Casper, Wyoming.  There is not much in between, and a four hour drive seemed like forever!  Especially because I was trying to use my phone to look up a hotel for the evening and I had no service for at least half of that time.  I was just bored and tired of sitting.  I really was a little embarrassed about how ticked I was I couldn't use my phone.

We actually saw a grizzly bear today .. As we were leaving the park the lake was on our right and a small meadow on the left ... There was a brown mound of something laying in the back of the meadow.  I saw a few people standing around and then saw a park ranger, I figured it probably was something more dangerous than a bison.
See that brown mound in the back?  I was hoping he would get up and move around ... But we only saw him stretch and roll over.  The ranger said he had swam across the lake, and been laying there for a couple hours.  He said there must be something there that he liked.  The lake is huge, I'm just figuring he was pooped!  Note to self:  if I ever am running from a bear, don't go into the water to escape ... He can probably swim faster than me!

There are bison everywhere in the park.  Yesterday a herd crossed in front of us ... They had come across the river and were crossing the main drag ... Really cool because there were tons of babies too. 

There are signs everywhere that tell you that wildlife is dangerous ... You should stay 25 feet back from bison
I think this is an older sign but you get the idea.  I cannot believe the amount of people that get out of their cars with their big huge cameras and get close to get that perfect shot.  It's bad enough when it's an adult, but can I tell you how many people I've seen doing it with a kid?  Ugh ... Makes me crazy .... I kind of wish I could see a bison charge someone and watch their camera go flying as they ran to get out of his way ... Seriously these animals weigh like 2,000 pounds and they are huge!  No thank you ... I'll keep my distance and stay in my car.

This was a fox we saw yesterday ... Can you believe how big he is?  Probably about 25 pounds ... The size of a medium dog.

This was a picture of a waterfall from Glacier Nat Park ... It just does not do it justice.

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