Thursday, June 26, 2014

Stash Report - Week 26

Holly's Quilt Cabin, Centennial, Colorado, a  suburb of Denver.  Four years ago we went to visit my cousin and his wife who lived in this town and found this quilt store.  I couldn't remember the name, but I thought this was the one and I was right!  It is a great store and had loads of fabric ... I had fun chatting with the ladies and even my hubby came in and chit chatted ... I love quilt stores that make husbands feel special!  Very smart ... We always do that at the Country Loft too.  We appreciate them coming in.
7 fat quarters and this awesome 1/2 yard of a red diagonal check which will be used in a border, somewhere!  The charm pack is from last fall ... I got some of the fabric, but never got a charm pack and meant to.

Ok, this is where I lost it ... I was just getting ready to hand my credit card over and the lady asked me if I had seen the new line of Ghastlies.  Not something I have ever been interested in, but I know someone who would love it!  She is a special friend and feels like a daughter to me.  She went to school with my son and about a year ago I hired her to help with my mom ... Run errands, doctor appointments.  She had made my life so much easier!  I told her a couple years ago that I would make her a quilt when she graduated from college.  Well she has and we were supposed to go pick fabric out.  I think she will love this ... It is funky and fun and I also think the colors are very soothing.
It's cute, huh?  Gulp ... 5 1/3 yard = 8 1/3

I was excited to stop in Santa Fe because I love that town.  The quilt store I went to was Santa Fe Quilting and it was not in the historical section, so I missed seeing the city.  But this was our longest drive, 10 hours, ugh, so we wouldn't have had time to stop anyway.  This store was very cute and again like all the quilt stores I went to on our vacation, packed a load of fabric into a small space.  I had a great time and showed pretty good restraint ... I only bought 2 fat quarters and (4) 1/4 yards.  I was very tempted to buy a jelly roll of the Sphere fabric that I bought while I was In Virginia .... I really love the blue, aqua and yellow combination, but I decided I DID NOT need to spend another $43!  = 1 1/2 yds

Last stop was Quilter's Store Sedona.  I got a cute mini charm pack of Ducks in a Row by American Jane and (4) 1/4 yard cuts that go along with it.  I can see a super cute table topper.  I bought 1/2 yard of a cute sock monkey fabric and (3) 1/3 yd cuts ... I already have a cute pattern in mind for a quilt for Kylee.  And just to round it out .. 9 fat quarters!  Haha ... Total yardage at this store was 5 yards.  I also found a great patten from Moda called Dottie.  Looks like it goes along with a line of fabric, but I bought it because it uses all 2 1/2" strips and the pattern was only $1.  They also had a great pattern for a bag with pockets all along the outside, great to take to class, but I decided not to spend the money.  How fast can I sew so that when I publish this stash report on Monday I also show fabric used!  Haha ... I am writing this as I go so I don't lose track of the amount of fabric. = 5 yds

Now I am happy to counter some of this buying ... I sent 6 1/2 yards of fabric to one of my blogging friends, Amy.  She blogs at A Quilting Sheep.  I read in her blog that she loved Simplicity fabric by 3 Sisters.  I knew I had a lot of 3 Sisters that a friend had given me and I have had it for some time.  I was happy to send it Amy's way.  Then upon looking I realized it was a couple of different 3 Sisters lines, not Simplicity.  But Amy said she would like it, so off it went.  She thought she needed to do something for me, but I said no way ... I get to take this yardage off my stash report.  That is good enough!

Used this Week: 6.5 yards
Used year to Date: 57.5 yards
Added this Week: 11 1/3 yards
Added Year to Date: 49.5 yards
Net Used for 2014: 8 yards

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