Friday, April 20, 2012

A Grateful Heart

I've had a few personal things going on in my life lately, and just been overly stressed.  I know it will pass, but yesterday I spent the day with my friend who has been battling breast cancer for 8 years.  The cancer has moved to her spine, and she is in tremendous pain.  I took her to chemo where we spent an hour and a half having her drip.  We sat and visited, and spent time talking to some of the other patients there.  The lady next to her was there for a 5 hour treatment ... it really put my life in perspective.  I did not come home feeling sad (like I thought I would); I came home with a renewed sense of the strength and courage I saw in ordinary people.  My friend doesn't realize she is an inspiration, and one of my heros ... she just thinks she's an ordinary person.  I know different ... if you pray, please pray for my friend, Helen ... she certainly could use any help.  She is schedule for radiation again for the next couple weeks, and they'll be trying a different combination of chemo drugs, hoping to find that combination that will help shrink those tumors.

On a different note, the new class schedule is coming out on Sat., April 21 at The Country Loft.  Here is one of the classes I am teaching in the next couple months ... it's called All Squared Up ... it is an original Donna Yackey pattern, and she graciously allowed me to teach it since she is retired from teaching and quilt designing.

Also on Saturday, our very own quilt designer, Kathy Cardiff of The Cottage at Cardiff Farms is having a book signing!  This is her first book published by Leisure Arts ... the book is lovely!  We are so excited ... she will be doing a book signing from 9-10, and then having a class after that.  So please come by and have her autograph your book ... they did such a nice job with not only the pictures of her quilts, but the other photos in the book -- specifically of her yard and garden area.

Happy Friday ... it is waaaaayyyy past my bedtime and I am going to be sorry later this morning when I have to get up.  But I didn't want to ignore all my buddies out there!

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