Monday, April 2, 2012

A Beautiful Monday

Today in San Diego it was a beautiful 74 degrees ... a glimpse of spring/summer coming on fast!  In addition to the wool block of the month I've been stitching on, I got a couple other things done today.  I haven't been at my longarm for a couple of weeks now ... I loaded a small quilt, and it's all ready for quilting. 

That part will have to wait for now.  At least I have it loaded and ready to quilt!

I'm teaching the Cotton Club block of the month class tomorrow ... here's what my April blocks look like:
Aren't they cute?  This block of the month is through Bonnie Blue Quilts ... I love how they come out ... and much cuter in person because the colors just don't show as well in a picture.  These are 5 1/2" blocks and will finish at 5" ... love them.  The directions are awesome and they are such a pleasure to make every month!

I went to the post office today to mail my Easter packages.  I have two sets of nephews, and I love to send them packages with goodies in them for different occasions.  Have you done all your Easter bunny shopping?  The Easter bunny needs a little help, he can't do it all!

Gotta run ... we rented the last Muppet movie and I'm missing it!  I love the Muppets!

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jayne said...

Hope your trip was a success!!! Look forward to hearing the results...