Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wool, magazines and such

A rainy, cold Saturday here in sunny San Diego!  I worked today ... one of the great things about my job in the quilt store is that when one person needs a day off, it is usually easy to get someone else to work for you.  My friend needed the day off today, so I agreed to be her!  Next week when my husband and I take our daughter to look at colleges (again), my friend will work my Thursday!  Usually Saturdays are really busy at the store, but today was quite slow ... we had a class from 10-3, and they were making beautiful quilts.  It is always a treat when we have a class ... the classroom is right in the midst of the store, so it's enjoyable to listen to their stories, chattering and sewing machines whir!

Here is my February block for the block of the month I am participating in ... Heart and Home ... this is block 2, and I figured I better get it done before March was completely over ... trying to keep up is quite a juggling act. 
Isn't it cute ...I started putting it together last night while I was watching a movie with hubby, but realized I needed to piece the block ... darn ... so I just put the large branch on with the nest and leaves, fused that with steam a seam and the little bit of sewing on the nest I did last night.  Tonight when I came home after work, I pieced the flying geese on the right side of the block, sewed it to the left side, and then finished fusing down the wool pieces ... nothing like approaching it a little backwards!  Keeps life exciting.

After dinner tonight, hubby and I wandered through Barnes and Noble ... I hadn't looked at the quilting magazines in a while ... I picked up the newest issue of Quilt Mania ... have you seen this magazine?  It is so nice ... the magazine is printed in France and just has lovely pictures and I really like the way it is presented.  Usually if there are two patterns I like in a quilting magazine, I'll buy it ... well this magazine every pattern in there I love.  Most of them are on the primitive-side ... how refreshing ... a lot of the magazines feature art-type quilts, and that is not my style. 
Hard for you to see the cover clearly in this small picture, but the website is . . . and this issue is No. 87 January/February 2012.

And finally ... while in the store the other night, darling daughter asked for Sesame Street bandages ... they were so cute ... well she didn't have a boo boo, but she just had to use them ...
Elmo is on her wallet ... so cute!!!

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