Saturday, March 24, 2012

Better Day

Today the sun was shining and things looked a whole lot brighter.  I taught a very beginning quilting class at the store, where I had four new to quilting students (one of them a friend!) . . . it is always such a joy to teach people to quilt and convert someone into being a quilter!  It was a good distraction also from the last few days at home.

The other day I stopped at Trader Joe's to grocery shop and bought three bunches of their daffodils.  I bought them several times last year ... they are just in small bunches laying in a pile ... you cut about 1/2" off and put them in water and they open.  This is what mine looked like the next day ...

They died before they opened ... just shriveled right up.  I woke up that morning expecting to see beautiful, daffodil sunshine and instead ... I had to laugh because I thought maybe it was the karma in our house!!  Then I talked to a friend today, and she said she had bought a few bunches that did the same thing ... whew, it wasn't our karma!  That made me feel better ... ha, ha.

So I went outside this afternoon after I got home from teaching ...
Dumped the dead daffodils, and replaced them with these beauties that I cut from my own garden!  This is doubly exciting for me because I normally have not had much of a green thumb ... I am just tickled to actually have something blooming in my yard that I can cut! 

I've been working on a new quilt that I'm teaching in April ... I love to sit down and design a quilt.  I've missed designing and piecing because I've been spending so much time machine quilting.  I'm really looking forward to putting this new quilt together.  Hope to be able to show it to you soon!

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jayne said...

These flowers are just perfect! Pick your own if you can...MUCH BETTER THAN BUYING !!!! Wish I had flowers outside to pick!