Friday, March 2, 2012

Random Friday thoughts

The end of the week ... here's what I was thinking about today
much better decoration on my front gate ... but look who is still on the other side ... my shadow, Sophie!
... speaking of front gates ... this would be what greets me every time I drive down my driveway . . . no, not my husband's "classic" white beat up mustang (oh another story!!!!) . . .this poor little hanging kitty on the gate used to be the cutest bell that my good friend gave me.  When someone came to the gate, they could ring the bell so I could actually hear that someone was out there ... that was until my darling son hit the gate with the back end of his truck early one morning on the way to surfing, broke the bell, and never told me ... it was a hit and run!!!  I am still waiting for a replacement .. ha, ha
... grocery shopping today ... this is my FAVORITE chip/snack ... the barbeque flavor is the best .. three servings in a big bag, 120 calories in a serving and yummy!  Satisfies that crunchy, salty, tangy craving ... even if you can't help yourself and you eat the ENTIRE bag, only 360 calories!  Can't remember the fat grams, but not bad at all .. try them, you will love 'em!  [And on sale this week at Sprout's Marketplace for $2.50 a bag!  I did a wee bit of stocking up!!]

Bring on the weekend!!
P.S.  And yes that SAME quilt is still on my frame ... I promise it is getting done first thing in the morning!!

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jayne said...

Popchips help get every job done in record time!!!!
I love the Shamrock!!! anything Irish is a "good thing"...