Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wednesday's post!

This is Wednesday's post on Thursday morning ... just couldn't muster the energy last night to write on my blog.  I started taking a blood pressure medicine about a month or so ago.  Approximately 10 to 15 percent of people develop a cough as a side effect.  Well I started having this nagging cough, but I wasn't sure if it was a cold; then when the doctor doubled the dosage, the cough got worse.  I still was thinking it was an allergy or something else ... you know how you get busy and just forget about things or put making decisions off.  Well, that was not my smartest moment ... this cough is a nagging tickle that kind of starts in my chest ... it's weird ... anyway, it keeps waking me up at night.  The only thing that makes it go away is something like a Lifesaver candy ... that sugary warmth seems to soothe it.  So I have a roll of Lifesavers by the side of my bed ... great, my dentist will be happy to hear that!  Combined with my children making me crazy, not sleeping steadily is really starting to take it's toll!

I finished another quilt yesterday ... yay!  This is the third quilt for the same friend.  I was really pushing to get them finished because I've had them for quite some time.  She wasn't in a hurry, but I didn't want to give them back to her one at a time, so once I started them I was anxious to finish!  And, to top it off, they were all big!  I guess she doesn't make small quilts .. ha, ha!

This quilt had a lot of muted colors in it ... some greens, browns, plums, neutrals ... I auditioned probably 8 different colors of thread.  In the end I decided on a Glide thread, leather.  The color is a warm gold, brown .. it seemed to go well with all the colors.  When it came to the quilting I went around and around on what to do ... I knew it was going to be something simple ... so much pattern and color, the quilt just needed something to give it definition.  In the end I just did my "signature" swirl as one of my friend's has named it!  Ha, ha

I did use Glide in the top and bobbin ... the quilt was 75" x 75".  So glad I finished them all!
Back of the quilt; the camera doesn't show the purple flannel back very well

Have a great day ... I'm off to work today.  It is a sad day ... I've been working for about 8 months with my buddy at the quilt store.  It is usually just two people, and Thursday's are me and Kathy, the manager, whom I love!  But when my other friend started working on Thursday's with us so I could work on that Cotton Club quilt last year, we really bonded ... we work great together and get a lot done.  But they are moving her to Tuesday's to cover for one of our friends that is having knee surgery.  We are taking this hard ... I will sure miss working with her and I plan on enjoying our last day together!  We might have to really stir things up today ... mahem at the quilt store, watch out!

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jayne said...

Beautiful job on ALL the quilts! Well done...

Hope you can say your last Thursday was a good one...many will miss the two of you together!!!! I sure will :)