Friday, March 16, 2012

Really I'm here!!!

Hello!!!!  I'm finally back ... in addition to my other issues (ha, ha), then I was having computer trouble!  Think I got things back on track ... we'll see!  I finally got the pictures uploaded into the last post from 3/14, so if you wanted to check those out, they are posted!

Now where do I go from here, I'm so confused ... okay, the quilt store I work at has been around for about 26 years ... that is wonderful!  We have blocks of the month that we do every year, and we usually offer about three choices.  The way we have kept track of who signs up and if they've picked up their blocks is the old fashioned way ... it was written down on a list by names, telephone numbers, and then the months were listed and every time someone picked up their block, we made a check mark by that name in the appropriate box.  For years I have wanted to put it all on the computer and get the lists to be alphabetized by first name ... the way we do it now is the names are numbered in the order they sign up, and we just scan our fingers down the page looking for that particular person's name ... often people will memorize their number, and then they tell us that information and that saves us a lot of time.  Starting on Monday at work, I created a file on the computer and now the lists are alphabetized ... yay!!!  I won't bore you with all the details, but it did not go as smoothly as I hoped ... heh, heh ... I started to put it into Excel, and a little bird was standing over my shoulder and said "why are you using Excel, why not use Microsoft Word?"  I had no idea I could do a table in word ... well Susy showed me how!!  It seemed pretty simple .. yeah, right!  Honestly I am glad I took the time to learn how to do it, and I'm grateful that she showed me how ... then I was trying to finish it up at the store yesterday morning.  Another little bird came in and saw I was ready to pull my hair out adding the finishing touches (like sorting it by first name) ... Jayne helped me figure out several things, but then I just had to put it away and go home and finish.  Jayne and I started confusing each other ...  ha, ha, ha!!  I like to figure things out myself (translated: hard-headed!), and I usually spend entirely too much time figuring it out.  But this time it paid off ... and then when it does, you have such satisfaction!!!

I started the quilting on the colorful large quilt ... I haven't gotten more than about 14 inches, and I've already used two bobbins of Glide ... my bobbin winder fell on the floor the other day (yikes!!), and I have a feeling that I need to make a small adjustment to it, because I think it's not winding the bobbins all the way full.  At this rate it's going to take forever!!!

Looking forward to catching you up on last week's activities ... happy Friday.
Random Picture:  I was looking for some picture to put on the blog so you didn't have to just look at text; came across pictures from my sister's wedding in 2007 (has it really been that long?) ... me and my two brothers ... Michael (on top), and Steven to my right ... love my brothers!!!!  Aren't we cute?

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Susy said...

Hi Colleen,
I love the picture of you and your brothers. There's nothing like family. I'll bet you have some fun stories of growing up with them to tell.
This little birdie is very proud of you and your "Word" accomplishments. You go girl!
Susy Q