Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Hop begins!

No, not the Easter bunny hop ... the San Diego Cruisin' Quilters 2012 shop hop!!  All the stores are open extended hours from March 3 -11 ... Monday through Saturday from 9 to 7, and Sundays from 10 to 4.  I didn't have to go in until noon, so I enjoyed a beautiful morning ... had some coffee, read the paper and even had time to make the Country Loft's official cookie . . .
pumpkin chocolate chip cookies ... yummy!!!

My friends often give me a hard time because I say I don't like to cook ... I don't especially like cooking because everyone is so picky in my house.  I do love to bake though, and that started when I was a small girl.  My grandmother was a fabulous cook and baker ... I always feel closest to her when I'm in the kitchen.
Proof that I cook a lot ... see the cover!  This cookbook is at least 25 years old!
One of the sections I love the most in this cookbook is the "know your ingredients" ... it gives you measurement conversions and substitutions ... if you don't have baking chocolate, use "x" amount of cocoa powder ...
for those that can't remember how many teaspoons in a tablespoon, ounces in a cup, etc., etc.  Love that section!
this is part of the substitions section ... love it too ... it's amazing what you can substitute for certain things ... who would know???
... remember Charlie is never far from wherever I am ... he's keeping his eye on me ... or rather, he was probably keeping his eye on those pumpkin chocolate chip cookies ... I think he could be the official dog of the Country Loft ... since we have a cookie, why not a dog?
Doesn't it look like a beautiful day today?  It certainly was and this is how the store greets you as you come in.  See the quilt at the front door on the right?  Isn't that a great place for it?  The chalkboard sign says welcome to the shop hoppers ...
A close up of the quilt ... see how the tea dyeing really gives it the primitive flair?
This shed in the backyard is where we keep the larger antiques and pieces that we don't have room for in the store ... it's just out the back door and down a couple of steps ... don't you want to go in and visit?
When you come in the back gate, this is the view you see ... you could just sit in the yard and soak up all the goodies out there ... I was sitting at the picnic table eating my lunch this afternoon when I snapped this picture ... just a quick break to get some sustenance!

One of the things that people are always looking for at these shop hops is sale fabric ... we sold quite a bit today ... that's pretty much what I did all day today, cut sale fabric and fill this cubby ... our 1/2 yard cuts for the show are only $2.50 ... what a deal!  We straightened it all up today so it will be beautiful when all the shoppers come tomorrow morning ...
It won't look this beautiful for more than about 10 minutes!

The table right next to these house the sale fat quarters and fat eighths ...
Enjoy the rest of your weekend ... and if you're shop hopping, check out the Country Loft and tell them how you found out about the store!
The Country Loft
4685 Date Avenue
La Mesa, California 91942


jayne said...

Great job Colleen! You have done a super job with this one! The Country Loft is the best stop along the way!!!!

sylvia said...

Don' just love that Joy of Cooking? My messiest pages are around the turkey dressing page....and the gravy page....LOL!