Monday, March 26, 2012

Suffering in silence

Yesterday I just took it easy all day because I haven't been feeling well ... I still have this nasty tickle, cough, and I am just trying to take care of myself and make it go away.  But there was something that really needed doing around here, that hasn't been done for ... I can't even remember when ...
... they hate baths ... especially Sophie.  She is the easiest to bathe because I just do it in the sink, but the whole time she tries to crawl out.  She's getting better than she used to be.
She knows she's getting treats when she's done, so she suffers in silence!
Charlie looks the same wet as dry ... he gets bathed in the tub and moves as far to the back and away from the spray as possible.  It takes forever to bathe him because the water just rolls right off of him.  This is a picture of him right after he came back inside from running around after his bath ... he's turning away from me because ... can you see ... he has dirt all over his nose because he immediately went outside, and found his most recent hole, and dug his snout in it!
They're waiting for more treats after all that trauma ... at least they're clean ... for a short while ... well, all except Charlie's nose!!  Ha, ha ...

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

My pups suffer in silence during bath time, too. Although Clay will try sweet talking me by licking my nose several times just to see if I will let him out. It doesn't work, but I do appreciate his kisses.