Tuesday, March 27, 2012


When I get overwhelmed with life, one of the first things I do is stop reading my email ... or rather, I give myself a break for a day, and then one day turns into two!  I hadn't read since Sunday, and when I sat down today to download the email, there were 350!  Now I do belong to a couple of Yahoo groups that have to do with quilting, and I get those messages sent in the form of emails, so that accounts for a great deal of them.  What I realize though, is that in all the messages I get every day, there are probably about 20 from different advertisers ... I normally just delete them.  Well today I was in the mood to UNSUBSCRIBE!  Such a great word, and very freeing ... there were at least 25 sites I unsubscribed from.  Every time I ask for a coupon from a place, or clicked on a "like" button on Facebook, I was put on some mailing list.  It was out of control ... I sure hope this helps with my email load.  I like reading the messages I get from the quilting boards ... they don't all pertain to me, so I delete the ones I'm not interested in.

Now back to reading ... that's my escape right now.  My book group is reading "Sister" by Rosamunde Lupton.  Book group is Thursday, and I'm halfway done with the book ... yikes ... I better read fast!!


Angie said...

Colleen, I did this myself the past week. Some of the sited I did subscribe to. But, now I'm tired of reading their daily or weekly newsletter/ads. So, I'm slowing weeding out the ones I don't want in my email box. Funny, the one I'm trying to get weekly, I can't get to work.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I've been doing the exact same thing!