Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Looking up!

Much better day today ... I did a little crying this morning and it seemed to cleanse my heart!  I made a decision that I was not going to let these problems consume me.  It was a beautiful day in San Diego - mid 60's.  On my way to coffee this morning, I noticed while driving through the neighborhoods I always pass the things I see every day.  We just get used to the same scenery, and take it for granted, not really paying attention.  But today I really stopped and paused ... the short grandpa that I see walking with a big stick every morning, sometimes with a little one by his side, and sometimes alone.  He is such a confident man ... he wears light pink sweatpants at times!!  The moms walking with their strollers after they have dropped their elementary kids off; taking the ones in the stroller for a walk so they can get a little exercise.  The lady with the small, beautifully groomed little dog ... that dog is so happy!  More people seem to be out walking in the mornings lately, and I think it is because spring is here.

I know that I get too busy thinking about what needs to be done, and focusing on all the things I should be doing, that I forget to take the time and SEE the things around me that I love.  The plants in my garden that are celebrating spring, the birds around the feeder after I put some food out for them.  They chirp away happily ... the fresh water that I put in the bird bath every day so it doesn't get gross looking ... these are not really chores ... they are things that I do that feed my soul.  What makes you happy?  Sometimes when I'm doing these routine things like feeding the dogs, I stop and really laugh at their antics ... the little dances they do, the bark, then the quiet sitting when I give them that look that means "calm down before I'll put the food in your bowl."  It's the same every day, and I don't tire of seeing it ...

Today I got the quilt loaded that is next up ... about 90 x 102, but her backing is really large, so it took some time getting it on the frame.  The back has many pieces, so I tried to be really careful in loading.  I decided today that I would just take my time as I was in no hurry ... remember I talked about how the process of quilting and/or being at my frame just relaxes me and allows me to relax, and put life in perspective.  I probably spent about an hour and a half loading the quilt, taking a little break here and there. 
Originally I intended to start quilting it today as well, but that just did not happen.  I'm okay with that ... it's ready to go and the loading part is one of the more tedious sides of longarming.  I picked the thread ... I talked to my customer and knowing her personality, and the brightness of the quilt, I suggested a couple of louder colors.  She picked the turquoise Glide thread ... it is going to look stunning!

As I write this this evening, I decided to sit outside on my patio and enjoy the end of the day ... it's a little chilly, but I'm enjoying the end of the sunset with both the dogs keeping me company. 

Enjoy the little things!


cardinal said...

I couldn't love you more!

Susy said...

Colleen... I feel your pain. I'm so happy to know you. You are a sweetheart.
By the way, I loved the little squirrel too...and I just stole it off of your page.
Love ya!