Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday already?

How does this happen?  Well I will say I feel like I'm getting a lot done at least ... great news!  Okay, I just have to brag (and maybe motivate you) a little ... I went to the gym Monday and today ... and yesterday I did a small work out at home.  It makes me feel better, it really does ... and it is really so easy!  Why do I consistently talk myself out of it?  I joined a gym that's only about 5 minutes from my house; I did that years ago because I knew if it wasn't in my "path" I wouldn't go!  Now there was a time not too many years ago where I would go to the gym for two hours at a time ... an hour of cardio and an hour of weight training.  I also worked out with a trainer for YEARS ... it was something I did for myself, and I loved it, loved it!  I got to the point where I felt like working with the trainer was getting redundant, and I could spend that money elsewhere.  Fast forward a little bit and I decided that as much as I love the body I have when I'm working out two hours a day, five days a week, I am not willing to put in that amount of time anymore.  My life has changed and as long as I get to the gym three days a week, I am really happy with that.  But I haven't been ... I've been out of the habit and no matter how many years I have been exercising, it's never the first thing I think of doing during my day!!  Ha, ha ...
Okay, I promised you some pictures of the quilt I just finished for Judy ... here they are
The quilting design is a pantograph - Butterfly Swirls by Debra Geissler

Glide thread in top and bottom - the color is called Vegas Gold (love that name!)

Okay now something else really weird has been going on around here ... we have a moth invasion ... last week I found a GIGANTIC moth that was wounded in the garage it had beautiful wings, and I couldn't bear for Sophie to kill it, so I moved it to a part of the yard -- eewww ... I actually had to touch it!  We keep having these small little moths buzzing around, okay, I can deal with that.  But today when I came home from the gym there is a BIG (not gigantic) moth that just landed on the kitchen counter -- I scooped him up in a glass with a piece of paper on top of it and threw him outside.  Please stay out of my house!  What is going on around here?  I don't ever remember so many moths this time of year ... maybe all the rain we've been having has produced more -- Nala (the cat), at least got a little exercise -- and believe me when I tell you she needs exercise -- chasing a moth this morning ... it's funny to see a cat that should weigh about 6 pounds and weighs 12 pounds, jumping across the floor trying to catch this moth.  And just for the record so you don't think I'm a terrible pet owner ... Nala is on a very restricted diet because she will eat EVERYONE'S food ... she must be binging at night when I'm not looking because she is ginormous!  Okay ... off to pin another quilt on my frame ... I'm on a role!

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QuiltedSquid said...

Oh C....I love the quilting! Beautiful job! Perfect quilting and love your thread choice! I bet it looks even more stunning in person!