Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Back to the frame

Slowly getting my body back to the longarm and trying to catch up with my quilts that are waiting for special attention!  It always seems like I have a sample thrown in for The Country Loft ... I started the sample, and it totally boggled my mind.  I just could not wrap my head around it ... thank goodness my lovely friend, picked it up and finished it for the store, and did the kits that I started ... I just left it on her lap.  Some days are just like that ... thank goodness for great friends!!  =:)
This is a pattern out of the upcoming edition of Primitive Quilts ... should be out soon.  The quilt is really small, only about 30" x 30" ... I decided a small, close all over pattern was best, but I did do a little wavy cross hatching in each of the colored blocks in the border ... just a little something.  Used a 40 wt. cotton on top and Glide in the bobbin.
Isn't it cute?  My friend did a great job!!

I have had a small quilt for sometime ... it is a charity quilt.  So cute --
This is a stitchery block of the month that Susan decided to just make into a small quilt ... I just did a little curvy "s" type all over pattern.  Again I used 40 wt. cotton in the top and Glide in the bobbin.
I have a quilt up next that I decided I needed a trip to the thread store for the perfect color.  It's been a while since I've visited the thread store, and I did have a ball!  I bought a pantograph and four cones of thread ... the panto is Cotton Candy ...
The back left thread is a navy from Permacore ... I don't need a navy right now, but I thought it was a great color and a good one to have in my collection.  The middle one is an Omni by Superior, and is the color that I picked (with Sylvia from the thread store's help) for the next quilt.  Kind of a browny-gold.  The one on the right front is a Signature thread in a medium gray ... I have almost used an entire cone of King Tut variegated gray, so I was going to replace it with the same.  I saw this color in the Signature line, and decided to try it instead of the variegated.  The big cone of thread in the front is called Sew It All, and it is to replace the cone of thread on the left ... same color, and that's how big that color originally was, so I decided it was a great color and I needed to replenish it!  I drooled over the corals and pinks, greens and yellows ... I just don't have any quilts to use those colors on ... hmm, I think I have a new mission!


Nanasrcool said...

What brand is the sew it all? I could really use one like that and in that large cone size too.

Nanasrcool said...

oh, FYI, new follower for you! I am a new quilter and blogger. So it is always nice to meet up with other quilters ..and bloggers! Gotta love this new age with all the blogs to show us newbies how it's done! I have only been sewing for 10 months now. Everything I have learned has been by reading blogs and watching online tutorials. Isnt it great that we can now learn things like this!