Sunday, April 29, 2012

Frustration and prom dresses!

Ha, ha ... and believe it or not the two don't have anything to do with each other!  Finished a quilt that I have had on the frame for the past few days.  I was cruising along doing great I changed bobbins when the second one ran out, and all of a sudden I couldn't get a good bobbin tension.  Flat line on the bottom and no amount of adjusting would work ... tried a different bobbin.  I think it is my bobbin case -- bent again?!  This is the second bobbin case I've been through in about 9 months.  I wonder if this is normal.  I do drop it on the ground occasionally because for some reason I just have a hard time holding onto it . .. maybe because of the oil that's around the case and the bobbin race!  Ordered some parts from my dealer and I thought they would have been here by Saturday at the latest ... got annoyed when they didn't show up yesterday, put a different bobbin in (instead of aluminum, tried the steel one), and it worked great.  Hmm .... I was originally using steel, then went to aluminum because I was having a problem with tension.  This is all sounding a little crazy!  Oh well ... I will go back to the aluminum bobbins and a new bobbin case when they arrive, and hope the issues are over!  Meanwhile, the quilt got finished and came out really nice.  I'll show you some pictures tomorrow.

Prom ... now without going into a long story, darling daughter's prom is the middle of May.  The prom dress is not in her hands ... long story short, today I took her and a friend of her's out to see if we could find a dress.  I found one that I loved on her at Macy's ... but she did not like it -- of course ... why should we agree now!  Ha, ha ... here's one of her favorites:
This is a dress that is on the David's Bridal website ... really beautiful ... pink with a real cinderella type feel to it ... the only one in her size from the store has to be sent from Hawaii!  Ha, ha ... So we are off tomorrow to try a few more places.  Who knows where it will take us and what she will wind up with ... there is a lot of talk about vintage dresses as the theme of the prom has something to do with classic Hollywood.  That's fine by me ... I really don't care ... I just want her to have a dress!  I want you to hear the restraint in my typing here ... because you can imagine the conversation that went on between mother and 17 year old daughter about why the prom dress that was supposed to be being MADE for you isn't going to be made ... but hey, I will not say "I TOLD YOU SO!"  Oh, I sure hope she doesn't decide today to read my blog!!!!   More tomorrow ....

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