Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Roller coaster ride

... not really ... that is the nicest way I can describe my life right now ... let's just say that when I went to our granny flat yesterday at 4 p.m. after a hellacious day, I discovered the bottom lock was locked ... that would be the same lock that we don't have a key for!  My housekeeper was over there on Monday, and she thought she was doing me a favor by locking the door.  All the windows are new, burglarproof, etc., etc.  Last night at 9 our daughter has one of her high school friends over who knows how to break into a locked door (I don't really want to know how he knows this!!) ... after about 20 minutes he does get the door opened.  The handle won't catch on the door jamb anymore, but at least I can get in there and try and sew!  The door can still be locked with the lock we always have used, a deadbolt, until we can get the doorknob replaced ... and that was just the end of my day!

Here are a few pics of the quilt I promised you pictures of the other day .... I used a King Tut thread on top, and a 50 wt. DMC thread on the bottom ... my friend gave me this DMC thread for Christmas and while it feels lovely, and performs well, it's not my favorite thread.  It is really thin and I am finding that I like the heavier threads better.  At least when a thread is thin and it's a poly, it has more weight to it ... this thread is 100% cotton and it's really silky, so it feels good, but just thin!  A thread can be too thin (even though I can NEVER be too thin!  Ha, ha).

Just a simple all over swirl ... I am really liking this stitch, and will probably forget how to do anything else since I've been using it so much lately.
Isn't this a sweet quilt?  My friend designed it and she just used leftover scraps ... it came out so darn cute! 
My friend loves the old, classic and simple quilt patterns, and she is always a pleasure to quilt for ... she only ever wants simple quilting, and that's what I like to deliver!  I'm still learning it's okay to be a whatever-you-want-to-be quilter ... I compare myself to others and that's ridiculous.  We all have different styles, and just because my style is simplistic, doesn't mean I am not talented ... can you hear me yelling at myself!  Sheesh ... I have issues ..............

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