Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hi friends!

Sheesh, is it really Thursday already????  I have been a busy little bee this week ... getting ready for daughter's prom this weekend, entailed a horrible shoe shopping experience on Monday.  Ugh and grrrrrrr!!!!  Three hours later, I said "whatever you want" ... although for the most part we aren't that far apart on fashion, I learned when it comes to shoes, I am old!  Do you know everything now is what I call "hooker shoes?"  They are horrible the shoes these young girls wear ... anywhere from 3 to 5 inches, straight up so it puts for foot at the weirdest angle ... it is really ridiculous when my daughter says "of course I can walk in it ..." and she looks like a baby calf trying to learn how to walk without wobbling so much ... whatever!  She wound up with a red pair of hooker shoes and I'm sure she'll only wear them from the car to the restaurant, and then from the car into the prom for about 10 min.  Then they will undoubtedly come off because they will be entirely uncomfortable ...we did agree on a lovely little ivory clutch, and an ivory pearl necklace and earrings that will look really pretty with the dress.  Of course I'll post a pictuyre next week!

Okay ... I've been doing other things besides shoe shopping ... been quilting!  I'm trying to get all my customer quilts done ... I usually only plan on a quilt a week, but besides going on vacation next week to our son's graduation in Hawaii and then our daughter's graduation next month, I don't want to get overwhelmed with work ... I want to enjoy this wonderful part in our lives ... I can't believe my babies are so grown ... it makes me sad ... the best thing I have ever done in my life is having our kids ... my family is so important to me ... I just want to relax and give them my full attention!

Here's a quilt I did earlier in the week ...

Wait until you see the rest of the pictures of this quilt ... this is the string quilt that I have taught a couple times now.  This customer did her quilt in batiks ... she said her house has a Hawaiian theme and she couldn't wait to get this quilt finished to go in her house! 

I don't normally like batiks, but I absolutely love what she did with this quilt!  The colors were breathtaking, and I really felt while I was quilting this that I was in Hawaii!  It was so relaxing. 

My favorite color in this is the coral ... and it looks so much better in person!!  I used Glide thread in the top and bobbin, and the aqua color looked like it was hand picked for her quilt!  I just did a simple stipple. 
Aloha is all I can say!!
Sophie is just exhausted from all this sewing ... she needs to take a nap!

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Angie said...

Wow, I've never seen a Batik string quilt that is so pretty! I love the white center strips, and of course that beautiful peacock blue border really pulls it together. I can't see what quilting design you did on it, but I know it's lovely! I'm looking at my leftover Batik scraps with renewed interest!