Thursday, May 3, 2012


My mailman is the absolute coolest!  His name is Eddie, and he has had our route for about  12 years.  Because we have two dogs, and I'm sure most mailmen do not trust the "oh, they're really very friendly," thing that most people say while their dogs are acting like they want to rip the mailman apart, Eddie does not come down our driveway to deliver a package unless he is in his postman-mobile and the doors are closed.  He only opens his door long enough to lay the packages outside our gate -- we have a super long driveway, and a big electronic gate that holds the dogs inside, where they exuberantly protect their territory and people. 

Eddie doesn't want to throw my packages over the gate because he's afraid the dogs will eat them (and I think he's afraid they might be able to jump over the gate and eat him in the process!), so he does the most wonderful thing for me ... he texts me to let me know that he left a package.  How cool is that?  He's noticed in the last year or so that I get deliveries from quilting suppliers, so yesterday I ran into him and he was asking me about quilting and did I make them, and sell them, etc.

Usually I don't get packages very often ... I had been waiting for the part(s) to fix my longarm machine for a few days, so I was excited when I saw Eddie's truck at the gate ... there wasn't just one package ... there were four!  Wow, how exciting ... like Christmas.

The parts finally came for my machine (yay!!!!!), a thread order that I had just ordered -- they deliver so quickly, a box of bathing suits from Land's End (that time of year again), and a small package of Hobbs Tuscany batting that I ordered to try.  I usually use Hobbs 80/20, but I thought I would try their 100% cotton and see what the difference is.

I hope you all remember your mailmen and get good service ... we always remember Eddie at Christmas with some goodies to let him know how much he's appreciated!


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I love my mailman, too. His name is Jack. He always has a smile when I greet him at the door and he assures me my barking dogs don't upset him in the least. =)

You mailman sounds like a gem!!

colleencl said...

Hi Amy -- Thanks for your comment about Jack ... today I saw Eddie again ... he called me to let me know I had a huge roll of batting and wondered where I wanted him to drop it! There are wonderful people still in the world!!