Sunday, May 6, 2012


The other day when I received my record amount of deliveries in one day, one of them was an order of thread.  There is a thread that I love ... it's called Glide, and made by a company called Fil-Tec.  I order the thread through a website,  I have a thread card and it has the color names as well as actual strands of the thread itself, so it makes ordering so much easier.  I have been wanting to stock up on some of their prewound bobbins called Magna Glide ... they are the best!  Of course you get more on a bobbin when it's a prewound, and these have a special magnetic core that is supposed to perform superbly in your bobbin case eliminating backlashing and tension issues.  Want to see my thread order?
Now this order consisted of six large cones of thread, two small cones of thread, and three different bobbin thread colors, each containing 10 bobbins.  The whole order cost around $80, and I received it about three days after I ordered it ... their customer service is awesome.

I really placed this order because I needed this thread to match a quilt I have to do ...
The color I needed was the light burgundy color second from the left in the back.  I'm really trying to branch out a little from the 25 colors of beige/brown/taupe in my collection, so I think I did well with this order!  Light burgundy, peppermint stick, cornflower, aqua (a color I already have and am almost out of) and prickly pear.  Of course there is also the cream color to the left in the back, but this one I was trying to match to a Superior king tut thread color I have.
Pretty good match, huh?  The thread on the left is the King Tut, and the color is papyrus.  I just love the color, but wanted to try that color in a Glide thread ... I am very pleased with how well the Glide color matches.

 The bobbins I ordered colors of cream, warm grey and leather.  I also decided to order a couple of other colors, and I never noticed before that they have small cones so I thought that would be a good way to audition the color without having to invest in a large cone.
Meet denim and army!

Someone please send me a quilt that has this color Peppermint Stick in it ... I really want to use this thread and only ordered it because of the name!  I've been coveting this thread for a year now!  It's a little misleading here, but the color is a cross between a bright pink and a coral color ... I am going to have to take the thread with me to a store and pick fabric to match the thread ... has anyone ever done that before?  Ha, ha!  I first saw this thread when I went to longarm training last year in June, and I really wanted to buy the color, but I knew it was impractical.  Well, I just couldn't resist any longer!!

In my quest to get caught up on my quilts, I did a small table topper for a friend's mother the other day.  It was really fun to do because it was so small!
Isn't it cute?  She did such a nice job piecing it ... I did a loopy swirl, and used am Omni light blue in the top and bobbin.

Have a great week!

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