Monday, May 28, 2012

Grateful Memorial Day

I'm back ... well I was actually back last week, but have been playing catch up for a week!  We had a wonderful time at the graduation, and I have some terrific pics to share, but they're on our other computer, and I'm too tired to grab them right now.  So I'll share them tomorrow.  We got to spend a wonderful few days with our son, his girlfriend, and my brother and his family ... what better way to celebrate than a vacation in Hawaii!  We enjoyed some beautiful weather, yummy food, a few mai tais, a day of sailing, and everyone but me went parasailing!

Back to home ... I was scheduled for surgery to remove a basal cell on my face after we came back.  That was not very pleasant ... the worst part was the six shots he gave me before he stitched me up ... I'm sure that hurt less than having the stitches without the shots, but sheesh ... I kept saying "ouch, ouch ..."  Eight stitches later and a huge black eye ...

Isn't that awesome?  It's still red and bruised, but the bruises are turning more green!  I can see people look at me and wonder what's going on ... I do look like I got in a bar fight!

Before I left for Hawaii I got a quilt finished, but I knew I was having problems with my machine because the thread broke several times towards the bottom.  I was just trying to get it done and didn't want to worry about fixing it until after we came back.  Well I took the quilt off the frame, and there were a couple of spots in the back that needed to be fixed .... the thread just didn't look right.  So I tried readjusting the heighth of the needle bar, because I thought that's what the problem was ... I couldn't get it right.  I realized there was no way it was going to get done before I left ... I hate having problems with my machine ... it makes me sad!  I also have this thing in me that requires that I try to find and fix my own problems ... I knew I could call my dealer and he would walk me through the problem, but I really wanted to see if I could fix it myself.  Well after stepping away from the machine and then returning, it gave me a chance to clear my head and remember ... the last time I had issues and had to readjust the heighth of the needle bar, I had looked at a video ... but following the video still did not work.  When I called my dealer, he told me instead of being able to see half of the eye of the needle when it's at the lowest position, I should only just be able to see the hole ... I readjusted it and I'm back in business!!  I was so proud of myself for remembering this and being able to fix is myself!
I love the colors in this quilt ...
I just did a little loopy swirl ... I used Glide in the top and bobbin, and it was a perfect match ... think the color was light rust, or something like that.  I was a little nervous using a dark thread in a quilt with so many light areas, but it really gave the quilt so much character!

It's such a happy quilt ... beautiful!!

In conclusion I want to say that on this memorial day we should be thankful to all who have served and do serve our country, and for all those who have sacrificed their lives either in combat or not ... that we can live free ... I am thankful on this day ... but let's not only celebrate and be grateful on this day, but every day!

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