Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sweet quilts

The latest quilt I did on my Innova, is a really sweet little quilt.  One of the ladies that works at The Country Loft, is a very talented designer named, Jo Ann Mullaly and she has a company called J.A.M.  I've given you a link to her blog before, but if you want to see some of her amazing work, here is our store's website:     cloft.com

And Jo Ann's blog:       http://woolcrazy-jam.blogspot.com/

This quilt I quilted is one of Jo Ann's earlier quilts, an ABC sampler quilt (sorry, but I don't know the exact name).  The customer just wanted some simple quilting, something tight, and not to quilt over the stitching.  I did my little swirly loop, and just around the frames of each embroidered block, I just did a little wavy line.  I think it came out really cute and I love how simple it is.  It lets you see the embroidery on the quilt and just appreciate how sweet it is!
It's really hard to see the quilt because the camera is fighting with the embroidery.

Yesterday I spent a good deal of my day in my tiny sewing room, trying to straighten up and clean out.  The room is usually pretty tidy because the space is so small so I can't afford to have it be messy ... I just can't work when it's like that!  But occasionally I have little stacks of things that need to be taken care of.  I've mentioned before that after I'm done with a piece of fabric when I'm making a quilt, and only a little remains, I cut it into strips ranging anywhere from 1" to 3".  I have a bin for 1", 1 1/2", and so forth.  Well, I had a little stack of fabrics that needed to be cut into strips from a project I finished back in December.  So I spent a good deal of time yesterday ironing the fabric and then cutting and sorting the strips.  Whew ... that takes so much time, but now I'm caught up.  Then I decided to go through a couple of boxes and weed out some of my unfinished projects that I know I never will want to make.  There are a group of lovely women at our store that work all year long finishing other's projects, and using donated fabric to make quilts and other items for our yearly, Sew for the Cure sale.  If you go to our website, you can see the show from last year ... it is a great cause, and great fun!  I am always happy to donate my fabric, a quilt, or something ... but now that I have a longarm, I love to donate my quilting!  It's something I really enjoy.  Anyway, after looking through just a couple of boxes, I realized I have several finished tops that need to be quilted ... maybe they just needed one more thing done (or so I thought), but now that they've been sitting for so long, I don't care about that one little thing they need.  If they've been in a box for several years and they look done, then they are!  Here's the stack:

Now a couple of these had been hanging over a railing, just waiting for me to quilt them, but come on!  I have been so busy quilting for other people, that I've ignored my own.  I decided that on my schedule where I have other's names penciled in on the day I've assigned for their quilt, my name is going to be in there as well!  Next up is Judy's quilt ... it's actually on the frame right now.  The next person'a quilt is going to be one of mine!!!  I'll show you all these quilts as I get them done ... that way I'm committed to actually following exactly what I've just told you I'll do.  Okay, I'm off to my frame!

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