Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A quilt a day ...

Well something like that!  I did get a couple quilts longarmed last week.  This first beauty was made by my dear friend. She really put a lot of effort into making this quilt and it really has a vintage look.
It was easy to figure out what to do because I know she likes simple quilting. I did a medium size meander.
Love how the light coming in my window made for some interesting pictures!  Also love these pictures of the quilt on the longarm ... It is like looking at a work of art framed!!
I used my favorite Superior Omni thread in cream.
Look at all these great fabrics!  She turned the blocks on point ... Love how distinct it makes them look!
I love that pink one best!
It really doesn't show very well the great dimension that the quilting gives ... You'll just have to trust me!
Ta Da!!  That's another Kylee-ism ... She loves saying it!  Thanks for letting me quilt
for you my friend!! Xo


jayne said...

I love it!!!! You always bring my quilts to life and a great way to finish a project......a big hug!!!!!

paulette said...

Gorgeous quilt! Once washed and crinkled this quilt will look like it came from grandma's attic! AND I mean that in a VERY GOOD way!! Perfect!

Carolyn S. said...

Love those sweet churn dash blocks. (or any of the names they go by)