Monday, May 4, 2015

Another Day, Another Week

Well I didn't get to 4 days of exercise last week, but I made it to 3!  That is 3 more days than I did the week before.  So I am on the same game plan this week ... 4 days.
This is where I ended before my cool down.  It is 4 sets of 5 minutes each, combined with intervals of arm work off the treadmill.  I find I am really liking the intervals because it breaks up the monotony of long stretches of cardio.  I prefer to walk at a slower pace and a higher incline.  When I do my cool down, it is 5 minutes at about 3.0 and I drop the incline to 4.  

My husband and I walk the dogs every night, but it is not a walk for fat burning!  I really need to up the cardio and add in weights so things will stop jiggling so much!

Day 1 done!!  How are you doing?

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