Saturday, May 9, 2015


Oh hi my friends!  I was just feeling like I've been a little neglectful of you ... I have spent two days this week on the phone and email trying to correct problems ... Created by people that don't do their jobs.  I am having so many problems with my mom's doctors, medicines, etc.  it is just really tough when someone checks out of their life and doesn't care anymore.  After all that work, I had to drop off her medicine the other day and all she could do was complain about where she lives, the food, how sore she is, and how no one checked on her when she missed breakfast!  I wanted to say they were probably happy to not have to be exposed to her poor pitiful me attitude!  She has been like this for years, but now that we are spending some of our own money to have her live somewhere really nice, and have good care, it's really hard to take.  I told her a couple weeks ago it was best for her NOT to complain to me since I was responsible for her not being out on the street somewhere.  It doesn't matter as I can talk until I am blue in the face and it will not make a difference.  I know in some small way my mom appreciates what we do for her, but really the only person she cares about is herself.  Mother's Day has always been a really tough day for me.  Do you know how hard it is to find a simple card thst just says happy Mother's Day without all that sentiment?  I am grateful that I have my own kids and have had the blessing of being a mother.  It is the most wonderful thing I have ever done, and for that I am grateful that my own mom brought me into this world so I could know such joy!  

I wish you all a wonderful Mother's Day! Perhaps you aren't a mom, but a special aunt, friend or just have made a huge difference in your mothering ways in someone's life!  A happy day to you too!!

What it boils down to is that women are absolutely wonderful, right?!  I so appreciate all of you on the other side of this blog.  You so enrich my life in ways I cannot explain!

My son and his sweetie
My sweet daughter and me

My beautiful 
and spunky granddaughter!


marie said...

Know that you are no alone in having a mother that is selfish and only cares about herself. At least yours in a "place". Hubby and I have my mother living with us. Being a care giver is a tough job with usually no rewards. I too am blessed with loving children and wonderful friends that make life more bearable. Happy Mother's Day

Suzanne Coterill said...

Your honesty is so mom has gotten so angry and entitled in her older years! Not fun!