Friday, May 15, 2015

Happy Quilting

Trying to jam on some quilting I needed to do ... It makes me happy when I am productive!  Speaking of happy ... Look at what I got the pleasure of quilting this week.
My friend that is a prolific quilter has done another baby quilt with this adorable pattern ... I think this is quilt 3, but only the second one I have quilted.  She had made a bazillion baby quilts -- no lie!  
Can't remember the name of this line of fabric, but each color and print I came to was my favorite.  I could have quilted it all day long!!  And to make it even more yummy ... Minky on the back ... Serious in love with that for a backing!!
She is a speedy sewer and loves to tease me with her non-traditional way of sewing her borders on.  Her slap dash method makes the quilt teacher in me crazy, however I can't argue with her product as she produces a beautiful, flat quilt!  Borders included ... Nice and square.  
It is a pleasure to quilt for her!  She likes tight, small quilting, and so I did my signature swirl.  Using my favorite Superior Omni thread in the lovely color of Natural White.

The light was a little bright, so I used a different filter from my Instagram feed ... Check it out ...