Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Another week

Well did not do so well on the exercise again last week ... 2 days ... Apparently this is something to work on, yes?  Yes!!

For Mother's Day my family got me a Fitbit ... Exactly what I wanted!!  I had so much fun on Monday using it.  It tracks an exercise if you tell it too, so I had two different workouts.  Here was my treadmill/interval workout:
What I really like is it shows your heart rate.  That way I can tell if I am working hard enough ... Looks pretty good.

The front of my treadmill says:
So that means I did another 15 minutes of weights because the total exercise time was 40 minutes.  When I jump off the treadmill to do an interval, I always pause the treadmill.

In addition to my treadmill, this was all I needed to do a leg workout during my intervals

Then we took the dogs for our nightly walk ... Always wonder if I get much of a workout there.
This exercise that I thought really wasn't doing much is!!  I am so happy when I see that fat burning number up there ... It is doing something ... Woo hoo!

Did some sewing with my friend on Tuesday ... Here is what she worked on ... Same color scheme as mine, but I will show you mine tomorrow!


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