Sunday, May 31, 2015

Beautiful finish

It took me several days to get through this beautiful extra large queen quilt my friend gave me to quilt.  The colors are just so stunning ... I showed you a peek last week.  Eighteen bobbins later ...
I always love reaching the end of a quilt, and this one I was especially happy to be done with!  I love quilting lovelies, but I have to admit that having works of art in my home make me a little nervous.  I have 3 dogs ... They aren't allowed near the quilts, but still ... I'm afraid I'll drip something on one or an act of God will occur, or something!
This list has many pictures because I had to show you close up how many adorable fabrics were in this quilt. My favorite was this navy with white flowers.
And look at this adorable small blue flowered print.
How about the same fabric in grey flower print?
How about a geometric to balance out the flowers?
The geometry of it all is so amazing ... Needed to be softened by my signature swirl ... Remember my friend likes a really tight design.
Very hard to get all in one picture!

That navy!!!  I used Omni Superior thread in the color natural white ... Not as bright as their white ... A perfect match and between the bobbins and the top ... I used 3/4 of a cone!
The next time I whine about my hard work, and sometimes how tedious it can be ... Don't feel too sorry for me!  I get to work out of my home, surrounded by my stuff and my furry friends, and I have the pleasure of making my own hours.  Don't you feel sorry for me?!


paulette said...

Nope! Not one bit!! haha Your quilting is wonderful and I LOVE THAT QUILT!! The colours are absolutely gorgeous!!

Margie & Tracy said...

Colleen, is this Mindy quilt?!