Saturday, January 28, 2012

Another perfect day

Wow, another beautiful day in San Diego ... can you believe it was in the 70's today?  I think it hit 80 on Thursday ... crazy!  We have had a little cold weather too (for us at least), but the birds were singing this morning, and I was up early.  I got a lot done ... read the paper, sorted some coupons, made a list and prepared to take my mom to the grocery store since I didn't get there with her yesterday.  I haven't talked about my couponing in a while ... well, remember that I bought a TON of baking products, etc. before Christmas in preparation for the holiday.  Also, that is the time of year when you can get really good deals.  Here is what my baking pantry looks like now  ...
What's that you say?  It still looks like it did in December?????  Well, believe it or not, I really did use stuff for my baking, but obviously I bought too much ... ha, ha, ha ... what a shocker!  Ask my husband, he will tell you that is my M.O. for everything!  But in my defense, let me tell you what I was able to do today without any thought at all ...

Bake cookies for our good friend who is celebrating her birthday today!  These peanut butter kiss cookies (that I only make at Christmas) are her very favorite.  She is not a baker, so she usually knows that I'm going to make her a batch!  I had everything ... in fact, I have enough Hershey's kisses in the freezer in our granny flat to get me through Valentine's day, St. Patricks' Day and probably Easter!  I stocked up on peanut butter through Amazon -- have you ever heard of their "subscribe and save" program?  You can sign up to have a certain item delivered on a regular basis.  By signing up for the program, you lock in at that "deal."  What they don't advertise is that you can cancel your subscribe and save status, thereby still getting you the "deal," and without obligating you to purchase more.  For people that don't live near stores, I bet the Amazon program is wonderful.  For me, it isn't something that I really can use; but, I will sign up to get the "deal," and then unsubscribe in a month and not lose anything.  I just got a deal yesterday on Amazon for a box of Luna chocolate-covered coconut protein bars ... with the subscribe and save discount, they only cost me 90c a piece (and that includes free shipping).  That's a deal that I rarely get at the stores, even with a coupon.

Here's how I did at Albertson's today:  $176.21 before coupons and preferred savings; $98.88 afterwards ... that's a total savings of $77.33, or 44%.  Not the 99% that they advertise on that crazy couponing show, but a great deal and one I'm happy with.  That total also includes four different packages of meat that will get us at least four if not five dinners.  I did have a coupon good on the sausages I bought for spaghetti, but I shopped a good sale price for the ground beef I bought, and the beef roast that we haven't had in a very long time.  I will put the meat in the freezer with the chicken I already have in there so that we have a variety during the week, not all beef.

Then it was so beautiful, that I got outside and mowed the lawn that has been waiting for one of our children to mow; well, our son couldn't do it as Christmastime because of his operation, and clearly our daughter is not interested enough in the $$$ we would pay her to mow, so I did it myself.  Looks great and we saved ourselves some $$ and I got a little exercise in the fresh air!

Gotta go wrap the cookies to drop off at our friend's on our way to dinner ... happy Sunday tomorrow!

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