Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cleaning up

Finally the remnants of Christmas are gone.  My husband took the outside lights down and I put the last couple of boxes away in the attic tonight.  We carted the Christmas tree out ... why does it smell better than it did when the ornaments were on it?  Hmm ...  Sat and watched the football games today with my son; he'll only be here for another week or so before he goes back to school, so I have to get all my bonding time in with him!  That Pittsburgh/Denver game was exciting!  I don't like Pittsburgh (maybe because they always win and my brother has liked them forever and I'm just jealous because the Chargers are never in that position!) ... I don't really like Denver either, but it really was a fun game to watch!  No sewing today ... I'll get back onto that tomorrow.

In keeping with my new goal of eating healthier and more at home, I cooked dinner tonight.  I was really excited to use my green peppers out of my garden.

Aren't they cute? They were a little bitter because they've been on the plant for a few weeks.  I think they didn't bloom when they were supposed to, and I kept waiting for them to get bigger.  Even though they didn't taste as good as the ones in the store, it was fun to use something out of my garden!   I sent my son to the store to get a couple more things for the recipe.  It was a philly cheesesteak (healthy version) that I found in the most recent Better Homes & Garden magazine.  It was really good!  Now remember that I said we had been playing the Albertson's game and not won anything yet?  They are giving out triple rewards now because they're trying to get rid of all their tickets (the promotion ends in February) ... we have earned several $5.00 rewards.   I sent my son to the store with one of the $5.00 off coupons.  He came home with my receipt ... there was no charge.  The total was $16.84, and we had enough in points that it was all free!  Now that was a cheap dinner and I am patting myself on the back for that one.  All the dinner cost me was the meat I bought the other day and it totalled about $8.  I just love a great deal!

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