Friday, January 27, 2012

Traveling Thursday

A very good and busy day at the Country Loft today.  We had a new class taught by Christine; she has three classes that run back to back all day.  She is teaching a sampler quilt, but what is unique and different about this class is that she is doing a lot of lecturing on applique and other techniques.  Today they worked on paper template piecing, but before that had a lengthy discussion on thread, needles, etc.  Fascinating to listen to while I'm working, and I'm going to learn so much throughout the year just listening to her!  While I was entertained throughout the day, I also put my second block of the month together.  I'm so excited!  I went to take a picture of the kit and the blocks, and my phone had died, so no pictures!  Hope to try that again next week so you can see how the kits look.  I am teaching a class once a month to give people a chance to get a little help with their blocks, or more importantly, keep yourself on track!  I think I have one opening left as it has been pretty popular ... how exciting!  I decided that if I had more than enough interest in the class, that I could always open an evening class too.

I had a couple thoughts for Traveling Thursday.  I have a friend, Darby, that I have mentioned before.  I met her when I took my classes on my Innova in July of last year.  We have exchanged emails and gotten to be good friends.  I have really enjoyed her blog,; what is fun about our hobby is although we all share a love of piecing and quilting, we have different styles.  When we were in classes, I was admiring her feathers; she didn't think they looked that wonderful ... I love looking at her blog as she always has wonderful pictures of her quilting.  Check it out!

The other thing I want to tell you about is a fairly new magazine called Primitive Quilts and Projects.  The retail cost is $9.95 and it is full of projects, and little advertising.  In the most recent issue, I just counted and there are 16 projects ... that is a good bang for your buck.  It can be found at some quilt stores, and here is their website

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